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Our Company


Toolcraft Australia is a precision aerospace engineering company that manufactures specialised componentry, assemblies and tools for world leading aerospace, defence, rail, mining, medical, photonics and beverage companies. Our highly skilled team partners with advanced technology manufacturers to deliver innovative products to local and global markets. 


Vision & Mission

Toolcraft Australia delivers precision design, engineering, manufacturing (CNC machining, EDM and CMM) and integration services on-time and to an elite aerospace quality standard. We continually embrace leading edge technologies and practices to ensure that both high quality and cost effective solutions are achieved for all our customers.


Kinetics Group

The Kinetics Group is an industry 4.0 integrated manufacturing group that together produce an extensive list of global products. As an integral member, Toolcraft Australia has excellent access to the following companies and facilities:

  • Vector Technologies | Premier Adelaide plastics moulding company (injection and blow moulding) specialising in complex (patented) co-moulding processes

  • Bott Storage Systems (Metalcraft) | Leading Adelaide sheet metal fabrication company (laser cutting, turret punching, folding, forming and welding)

  • Multiple cleanroom sites fit for assembling medical devices, food grade packages and electronic products

  • Mass production finishing and coating facility (grit blasting, tumbling, polishing, painting and powder coating)