Machinery & Services

Toolcraft offers many services because of our specialised machinery within our factory.

Listed below is the machinery located within our factory, detailed information about each machine showing size & capacity.

CNC Machining Centre - 5axis

  • Full 5axis DMG DMF250 Machining Centre ~ Capacity 2500mm x 1000mm x 1000mm.
  • Table size = 3100mm x 1000mm
  • Travel = 2500mm x 900mm x 950mm

CNC Machining Centre - 4axis

  • Okuma MB56VB - Rotary Table
  • Table 1300mm x 560mm
  • Travel 1050mm x 560mm x 460mm

CNC Machining Centre - 3axis

  • Okuma MB55VB
  • Table 1300mm x 560mm
  • Travel 1050mm x 560mm x 460mm

CNC Machining Centre - 3axis

  • Okuma MC40VB
  • Table 1000mm x 600mm
  • Travel 700mm x 420mm x 500mm

Machining Centre - 3axis

  • Okuma MC6VA
  • Table 1530mm x 630mm
  • Travel 1252mm x 636mm x 610mm

Machining Centre - 3axis "HIGH SPEED"

  • Mazak FJV-20
  • Table 800mm x 460mm
  • Travel 560mm x 410mm x 410mm

Machining Centre - 3axis

  • Bridgeport VMC460
  • Table 835mm x 360mm
  • Travel 490mm x 340mm x 350mm

CNC Turning Centre

  • Okuma Turning Centre LB300-MYW
  • Diameter 310mm x 760mm between centres
  • X - 280mm Y - 120mm Z - 450mm W-520mm C - 360degrees.

CNC Lathe

  • Mazak NEXUS 350
  • Diameter 350mm x 1200mm between centres

CNC Lathe

  • Okuma LH-35N
  • Diameter 680mm x 2000mm between centres

CNC Lathe

  • Okuma LB 15 MkII
  • Diameter 350mm x 500mm between centres

CNC Lathe

  • Mazak QT15N (with bar feed)
  • Diameter 39mm Collet x 500mm between centres

CMM "Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine"

  • Brown & Sharp "Fully Automatic"
  • X-700mm Y-1000mm Z-650mm

TOOL Presetter

  • Zoller Smile 400

Other Machinery and Services

Cad/Cam Computer Systems

  • Autocad
  • Solidworks
  • Splitworks
  • Surfcam Velocity - Step, Parasolid, IGES, DXF read - write facility

Turret Mills

EDM Machining


  • 320mm x 220mm x 180mm

Surface Grinding

Manual Turning

  • Maximum Diameter 1000mm x 1500 between centres

Full Factory length overhead Crane - Capacity 5 tonne

Company Connection

Utilisation of our group of companies provides SYNERGY for total product realisation.

  • Metalcraft - Sheet metal, fabrication, laser cutting, painting and powder coating
  • Blown Plastics - Injection and blow moulding.

Toolcraft works in association with a wide range of approved suppliers from materials through to painting, plating, heat treatment  and grinding to provide a complete engineering solution.

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