Toolcraft Aerospace Manufacturing & Defence Technologies (Aeroce Systems)

Toolcraft Australia

General engineering company with broad manufacturing experience

A Paper to Product advanced manufacturing and technology development company.

With over 40 years’ experience in precision engineering Toolcraft Australia has a diverse portfolio of advanced manufacturing projects and have helped develop a multitude of leading edge technologies.

The Group

Toolcraft is part of privately owned group of Australian companies with extensive and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

The precision manufacturing group has several quality certified industry 4.0 manufacturing facilities located across South Australia.

We are leaders in:

  • Complex mechanical systems
  • Technology innovation and integration
  • Product design and engineering
Our Capabilities

Our History

Established in 1979, Toolcraft Australia originally provided advanced toolmaking services to the automotive, mining, food and beverage sectors. Our company was soon scaled to work alongside global defence prime contractors and further diversification through quality and aerospace manufacturing system certifications.

Following this, we created Toolcraft Defence Technologies, our own R&D company to boost capabilities and direct the group focus towards producing turnkey product solutions.

Toolcraft Australia is currently enhancing sovereign capabilities through investment in its Aerospace Manufacturing division and developing proprietary products through its Defence Technologies division.

Our Vision

Deliver the most complex and mission critical mechanical solutions to the aerospace, defence, space, energy and medical sectors.

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Our Mission

Deliver successful projects, through partnering with industry leaders and maintaining customer service focus.

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Our Evolution

Since 1979 Toolcraft Australia has been a market leader in the development and manufacture of complex mechanical systems.
  • 1979

    Began life as special purpose machinery toolmaker

  • 1987

    Shifted manufacturing focus to machined assemblies

  • 1993

    Started prototyping mechanical defence systems

  • 2005

    Entered local and global aerospace supply chain programs

  • 2011

    Penetrated energy, medical, mining and photonics sectors

  • 2018

    Established R&D program for renewable energy technology

  • 2020

    Enhanced responsive manufacturing service delivery

  • 2022

    Improving sustainability and socially responsible practices

Our Executive Team

Get to know the people leading our company.

Craig Holland

General Manager, Operations

Greg Stevens

General Manager, Business

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Our Partners

Toolcraft Australia partners with a diverse list of
innovation-focused companies.

Group Certifications

Aerospace – AS9100D

Quality – ISO9001

Defence – NCAGE / ITAR

Cybersecurity – DISP / AISA

Improvement – SC21 / SCIP